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This website provides general information about Miniature Jersey cattle.  Our herd of cattle are shown on our farm website, Jewell's Jerseys, at  To learn more about our cattle, please visit our farm website.

Miniature Jersey cattle have become popular over that last 15 years. Miniature Jerseys are Jersey cattle that range in size from  35" to 42" tall and weigh under 700 pounds.  Standard Jersey cows average 51" tall and weigh approximately 1000+ pounds. Miniature Jersey cows should have the same beautiful look as the Standard Jersey but in a smaller package. The idea behind a Miniature Jersey is to create the perfect small homestead cow. Miniature Jersey cows require less feed than standard milk cows because they are smaller with more feed efficient frames. Miniature Jersey cows produce less milk than larger cows which makes them just right for most families. Miniature Jersey cows are easier to manage than larger cows and require less pasture and shelter space. While a Miniature Jersey cow may cost more upfront to purchase, over the long run, most people will save money purchasing a Miniature Jersey.

Miniature Jersey cows originated from several different sources.  Some Mini Jerseys came from breeders collecting the smallest traditional Jerseys they could find and then breeding for even smaller offspring. These traditional Jerseys came from auctions and small family farms and generally lacked official AJCA registration (the standard Jersey registry).  Some Mini  Jerseys were created by taking small dual purpose cows and crossing them the Miniature Jersey sized bulls. After 4 to 5 generations, these crossbred cattle had acquired enough attributes to be considered Miniature Jersey Cattle.  Finally, a few Miniature Jerseys are are 42" or under AJCA registered cattle.  Because Mini Jerseys have originated from different sources, there can be quite a bit of variation in their conformation and appearance.

Along the way, it became apparent that Miniature Jerseys needed a registration organization to standardize the emerging breed. The first of these registries was the IMCBR followed by the AMJA and finally the MJHB.  The IMCBR or International Miniature Cattle Breeder Registry focuses on all mini sized cattle rather than just Miniature Jerseys.  The AMJA or the American Miniature Jersey Association was the first to focus on Mini Jersey but allows for the registration of crossbred cattle.  The MJHB or Miniature Jersey Herd Book is the only Miniature Jersey organization that is dedicated to purebred (90% pure or better) Miniature Jersey registration. While the MJHB was the last to form, it is the best of all the registries in our opinion.

If you would like to see what is listed for sale on this site, click the link at the left. To learn more about Mini Jerseys, click that link. The Miniature Jersey Bull Semen link takes you to a page where you can see various Mini Jersey bulls from many different breeders. The Mini Jersey Info link takes you to additional information about Miniature Jerseys while the breeder directory

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